Brazilian Cold Brew

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Full City/Medium Roast.

Soft, nutty, low acid. Notes of bittersweet chocolate.

Our cold brew is coffee elegance by way of rich flavor and a smooth finish. Our process is a true cold brew method, taking a full 24 hours to produce what we call Liquid Gold. It is a concentrate that allows you to create your perfect cup: enjoy full strength, or dilute to taste.

  • 750 ml packaged in recycled glass.
  • Verified 100% Arabica.
  • Certified Organic & Fair Trade.
  • Infrared roasted & air-cooled.

Iced or hot, 118 ml (4 oz.) of cold brew to 59 ml (2 oz.) of water or almond milk.

Additional uses:
A splash on ice cream, in a smoothie, as a cocktail mixer, and in marinade. Check out our blog for more suggestions!

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