About Us

Kellie began at Stewart Brother’s Coffee (Seattle’s Best) in its humble beginnings. Employees were vigorously trained in roasting techniques, blending, and how to take great care in the brewing process. Every aspect of the retail and wholesale business was generously shared. She applied her training and passion for a great customer experience to opening new locations, and product development. Her career continued in a consulting capacity focusing on systems and quality control for those looking to launch coffee kiosks and carts in Seattle.

Spencer launched his career in Eugene with a small roaster from Italy, focusing on wholesale grocery and restaurant accounts. His career has included management of charitable events, trade shows, and working with restauranteurs in Oregon, California and Nevada. Spencer feels particularly passionate about experimenting with small-batch roasting, even down to the second.

Spencer and Kellie Mick live in Eugene, Oregon with their daughter and two cats. Spencer and Kellie have a long history working with coffee, dating back to 1984.