About Goldilocks

Mercury and Venus were too hot,
Mars and the outer planets too cold.
Only Earth was Just Right for life.
The “Goldilocks Zone”
– a term coined by English poet laureate Robert Southey –
hosts the “bean belt”,
the band of planet Earth
between the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer.
It is the land most hospitable
to growing coffee with superior quality and flavor.
Meant to be shared and enjoyed
with many fellow Earthlings.


The Goldilocks Cause

Goldilocks Coffee Roasters is a continuation of Spencer and Kellie’s journey in coffee exploration. Our focus is to provide a stellar cup of coffee and bring coffee innovations to market that also enrich lives and care for community.  Goldi Gives. Our passion is fueled by our deep gratitude for the opportunities and
support our family has been given in times of need.  We currently give in the following ways:

  • A percentage of profits is donated to local non-profits that support those in need of food, clothing and shelter.
  • Clothing and personal care items for women and children.
  • Coffee donations for meal programs and community events.