Full City/ Medium Roast.
Region: Harrar, Harari, Ethiopia.
Fruity, winey tones. Complex blueberry notes. Bright, sometimes brilliant acidity. Medium to heavy body with a dry edge.
Goldilocks Cosmic Bean
Coffee is ceremonial…Ethiopia is where the frequently told story originates, of a goat herder who noticed strange behavior in his flock of goats after they ate berries from a certain tree. Taking the berries to a monastery, monks brewed him a tea from it and coffee was developed and refined from the resulting brew, spreading across the region and eventually the world. The majority of Ethiopia’s crop doesn’t leave the country and is drunk with great ceremony.
Goldilocks Cosmic Bean

Hints of cardamom make it a beautiful partner with other the other varietals we offer.
½ of Goldilocks signature blend.

Goldilocks Just Right
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