Costa Rican

Full City/ Medium Roast.
Region: Cartago Province, Costa Rica.
Exceptionally high grown coffee resulting in unique fragrance of brown sugar and hints of smokiness from volcanic soil. Bright, clean, rounded body and lively acidity.
Goldilocks Cosmic Bean
Goldilocks is fond of Costa Rican coffee...for its complexity, yet drinkability when it comes to the “cup.” - We are also proud of its support of women. The IWCA (International Women’s Coffee Alliance) has a chapter in Costa Rica known as the WCACR (Women in Coffee Alliance of Costa Rica). Started in 2005, it now has 17 company-members from 7 regions that include roasters, exporters, millers and growers. The nature of the women’s coffee movement is to ensure women are given access to money generated from the work they do on their farms, which is more frequently spent on household necessities for the family.
Goldilocks Cosmic Bean


Blends beautifully with Brazilian and Colombian.
Brew using French press, top with fresh cream and a dash of turbinado sugar for an exceptional afternoon delight.

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