Kellie camping in Wyoming
Kellie camping in Wyoming.

We would like to extend a virtual warm welcome to this Goldilocks site, or “Zone”. Though we meet on a screen, we hope you will feel our intention in a tangible way by connecting with our lively and supportive community. The perfection is in the sharing.

We thank you for choosing our coffee for your home or group. We seek to make your experience a thoughtful and pleasing one. We want to enjoy our time together, as hassle-free as we can muster.


Our goal is to:

  • Deliver the freshest, tastiest product possible
  • Provide a cozy and fun environment to learn and stay inspired in
  • Provide new and innovative products with coffee and food “partners”
  • Give our hearts and resources to lift the lives of all we come in contact with

Goldilocks Coffee Roasters is a gift we are privileged to share. Our gratitude is the foundation of the company and our desire is for that to resonate with you and spill over into your cup!

Thank you for stopping by. We hope to visit with you very soon! 

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