Find your Soul Force

Four days before Dr. King was assassinated, he spoke at the National Cathedral about poverty, saying:

I submit that nothing will be done until people of goodwill put their bodies and their souls in motion.  And it will be the kind of soul force brought into being as a result of this confrontation that I believe will make the difference.
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20x21 EUG Mural Project: Martin Luther King Jr. Painted by WK Interact on The First Christian Church.

Let’s confront poverty with kindness. Find your Soul Force. Volunteer at soup kitchens. Participate in clothing drives. Share a portion of your income with local charities. Start your own business and hire the underprivileged. If you hire housecleaners, gardeners, and/or companions for children or elderly parents, pay them fairly, and pay them for days missed due to sickness, family emergencies, and vacations. Tip those in the service professions, even if it’s not expected. Buy grocery store gift cards and give them to a local religious leader – they know those who need them most. And be thoughtful about who you buy from: support local small business owners with ethical practices.

Let us remember what Dr. King told the graduates of Oberlin in 1965: “The time is always right to do what is right.”

Thank you for joining us in being a part of the solution.

Visit here to read more of Martin Luther King Jr.’s words in context.

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Beautiful, inspiring and appropriate words on MLK day from both Dr. King and you, Kellie! Congrats on your new website and business with an awesome, motivating and uplifting launch! GO GOLDILOCKS!!

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